Remutaka Cycle Trail Marshmallows credit Team Escott

Remutaka Cycle Trail

The 100km an hour winds blowing our tent away at 1am and the littlies not waking up or even budging... then trying to find our bags, chairs and all the stuff that had blown everywhere.**

**Be aware of the wind…

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Great Lake Trails

My wife and I cycled the Waihaha trail to Waihora Bay in February several years ago. We camped there overnight and returned via the same trail back to the car park. It's a lovely place, right on the beach, with…

Bennett Slater Timber Trail Sign

Timber Trail

Great connection with nature. For families to the professionals.

Bike tools

West Coast Wilderness Trail

Take some time and prepare your bike for your trip. A mechanical breakdown definitely takes the edge off your enjoyment.

Also don't be in too much of a hurry. Enjoy the views, take some pics and enjoy the whole…

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Whakarewarewa Forest Loop

Ditch the backpack and use a frame bag to carry the essentials. It gets the weight off your back and shoulders and helps lower your centre of gravity to make you more stable. There are off-the-shelf products out there, but…

Timber Trail Mangatukutuku Bridge reduced credit

Timber Trail

Enjoy the ride take some good company and wear your Ground Effect gear, it's the bomb.

Image: Timber Trail, Studio Zag.

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Timber Trail

When riding the Timber Trail, even if you can do the whole ride in one go, it really is worth staying at the lodge half way.... the cider, pizza and bean bags combined with the views out on the deck…

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Waikato River Trails

I recently finished the Waikato River Trails over two days. I'm really bad at remembering to keep fuelled during long rides, and ended up putting a reminder on my phone to stop and eat something every hour. It helped keep…

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Whakarewarewa Forest Loop

Riding trails and going on adventures is completely doable with kids, even wee ones! All it takes is a bit of planning, allowing a bit of extra time for stops and snacks, and choosing appropriate trails or rides. Reach out…

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Great Lake Trails

We love to hit the Lion's Walk around Lake Taupo with our little tribe. Our best trail tip is to not wear headphones or listen to music, you need to hear the beauty of the birds, the lapping of the…

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Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

Be sure to stop and admire the historic Waitaki Dam on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail. This site has a strong place in NZ’s social and construction history. It was the first major dam to be built in the…

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Whakarewarewa Forest Loop

Long Live Long Rides

It’s simple really. The longer the journey, the more time spent planning, doing, and remembering. Assuming you’re already familiar with the benefits of biking – health and well-being, topophilia and cultural growth, personal achievement and satisfaction –…