Mountains to Sea Ngā Ara Tūhono

Ohakune Old Coach Rd

We were the first couple in the group to have a child but lucky for us our riding buddies still wanted to ride with us - they supported the new riding pace, frequent stops & the occasional…


Hauraki Rail Trail

You have to love your riding buddies when they humor you...

I always plan a couple of silly activities on a bike trail and I love my riding buddies cause they always play the part – here we are doing hand…

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Remutaka Cycle Trail

One year ago three of us who are friends belonging to a group of knitters (Featherston Craft Knitters). Our ages range from late 50s to early 60s decided to ride over the Remutaka incline to Featherston. My name is Bella…

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Motu Trails

Pauline taking a break in the Pakihi Trail shelter on the Motu Road from Matawai. This is our first holiday together since my heart transplant in 2017. It was a fantastic ride back to our campground halfway along the Dunes Trail.…

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St James Cycle Trail

Love exploring our amazing country, We are so lucky to have the cycle trails of New Zealand to take us on fantastic adventures. My Partner and I taking in the awe at Maling Pass – highest point on the St…

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Otago Central Rail Trail

On the homeward stretch – top of Tiger Hill heading for Chatto Creek Tavern. Last food and liquid refueling stop before heading back into Manuherikia-ALEXANDRA. This photo was taken 4 years ago not long after moving to Central Otago-where we…

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Waikato River Trails

My bike buddy is hubby Brett we live in Auckland so for the last 15 years we both commute every day to work in the city. Our goal is to ride all the NZ cycle trails and this is our…

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West Coast Wilderness Trail

Cycling is fast becoming our favorite family holiday! This is us on the fabulous 4 day West Coast Wilderness trail and we’re looking forward to adding the Timber Trail and Motu Trails this year. Love the outdoors, the adventure and…


Timber Trail

My riding buddy is my husband Gordon. He got me in to riding as soon as we met (on the second date). Less than two months of dating later we did the Timber Trail together. So awesome!! We have since…

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Timber Trail

My partner Bob & I cycled the fabulous Timber Trail, this is the most challenging trail we have completed in our 6 years of cycling. During the four days it took us to complete the trail both ways we encountered…


West Coast Wilderness Trail

Biking with the children from Milltown to the Wilderness Trail summit. Such a lovely day out and great to see the children pushed out their comfort zones and still enjoy their day and appreciate the amazing scenery. That’s another section…

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Motu Trails

Making amazing lifelong memories with my family while cycling the Dunes Trail. Amazing ocean views with achievable cycling for all, everyone enjoyed it!