Jonathan Kennett's trail tip

Published 2020-05-28

Long Live Long Rides

It’s simple really. The longer the journey, the more time spent planning, doing, and remembering. Assuming you’re already familiar with the benefits of biking – health and well-being, topophilia and cultural growth, personal achievement and satisfaction – then you’ll know that the longer the ride the greater the rewards.

So take a look at this New Zealand Cycle Trail map and consider how you can link the Great Rides together.

An obvious starter in the South Island is to ride the Otago Central Rail Trail, followed by the Roxburgh Gorge Trail and the Clutha Gold Trail.

Or try the North Island’s ‘coast to coast’, from the Hawke’s Bay Trails to the Forgotten World Highway and New Plymouth.

If that gives you the bug, the ultimate aspirational ride is Tour Aotearoa: 3000 kilometres from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Long live, long rides! They really do.

Submitted by Jonathan Kennett, one third of NZ cycling gurus the Kennett Brothers. Check out their bestselling Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails book.

Image credit: Jonathan Kennett.