Tasman's Great Taste Trail's Hidden Secrets

These hidden secrets will take your Great Taste Trail adventures to the next level.

Get in a spin at the Belgrove windmill

This handsome structure is a survivor from the Nelson to Glenhope railway and was built in 1898 to pump water to supply engines beginning the steep climb to Spooner's tunnel. It's the best remaining example of a wooden railway windmill in New Zealand. The simple yet ingenious design was virtually automatic in operation as the speed and orientation of the sail was controlled mechanically in response to wind direction and force, and to the level of water in the tank.

Directions: The windmill is located at Belgrove (beside State Highway 6), just over halfway between Wakefield and Spooners Tunnel.

The Belgrove Windmill – beautifully restored rustic railway heritage (Kiwis Fly The Coop).

Relax at the Raukumara and Motueka Sandspit Reserve

This reserve on the Motueka coastline is an important historical site for local Māori and an attractive place to spot local birdlife. It was also the landing point for the first Pākehā settlers of the Tasman region in 1842. Park your bike, pull up a pew and survey the salty scenes while keeping an eye out for precious birds such as the striking kōtuku (white heron) and super-long-distance visitors such as the bar-tailed godwit.

The panoramic view all the way from D'Urville Island to the Richmond and Arthur ranges and Abel Tasman National Park is a highlight too!!

Directions: The reserve is on the coastal section of this Great Ride, as you approach Motueka from the south, just past the Janie Seddon shipwreck.

The kōtuku (white heron) – revered by Māori and pākehā for its elegant white feathers (Lee Slater).

Flip out at the McGazza Pump Track

This world-class pump track and jump park was built in honour of Kelly McGarry – the fun-loving mountain biking maverick – originally from this pretty Tasman town. Come here to hone your skills and get a wee bit of air, or grab a pie and coffee from the bakery next door and watch the local kids and pros show you how it's done. Expect plenty of cool tricks including flips and whips. 

Directions: The pump track is in the centre of Wakefield at the Recreation Reserve on Pigeon Valley Road.

Opening day at McGazzaland (@McGazzaland on Facebook).

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