New Zealand Cycle Trail Guide

The New Zealand Cycle Trail Guide has been expanded for 2016.

AA Traveller

Tourism is a cornerstone service of the AA, as it is a vital sector to the growth and appeal of this unique country.

For almost a century the AA has played a role in promoting access to domestic tourism and currently produces almost three million maps and guides annually along with accommodation bookings. We recently committed to being even more active, and over the next few years will embark on a series of projects to assist with growing the industry in a collaborative and coordinated way.

An early out-take of that greater leadership commitment is reflected in the 2016 AA Traveller line-up including revamped travel guides containing fresh consumer-focused editorial written to engage and inspire.

We’ve updated the New Zealand Cycle Trail Guide, published for the first time in January 2015, to include even more information beyond the 23 Great Routes covered in the first edition. This guide has been hugely popular in the market with requests for more copies flowing in soon after it was launched.

New for 2016 is a guide catering to about 500,000 Chinese residents and visitors to our shores every year. It will be provided in Chinese to encourage them to leave no stone unturned as they explore our country.

We’re also making changes to our online presence in order to better showcase the offerings of New Zealand operators to the widest possible market. However, in saying that, our printed material remains popular with increased demand for our products over the last year which has required bigger print runs to accommodate.

The AA remains committed to tourism both through the products we offer to support it and also the work we’re doing outside of publishing to help boost it.

Tourism is one of New Zealand’s great economic strengths and if we are to build on this we all have a part to play.

– Brian Gibbons, New Zealand Automobile Association Chief Executive

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