Mark Inglis's biking buddy

Sight VLT Waipara

Published 2019-12-17

A real challenge when you travel a lot is finding time for that blast in the hills of the Hurunui big country that is so essential to recharge the body and mind. It’s always tricky to find someone available so my riding buddies are: – my Norco Sight VLT1 and my Garmin InReach Mini – one to get me into trouble and one to get me out of it!

I call my bike 'my legs' - that is exactly what those electrons give me: the ability to shred the trails as if I had a real set, not just my carbon ones, to experience the trails to the fullest - it's been a transformational friend.

I’m described by some as a bit accident prone (hey, whats some missing legs, fingers and the odd broken shoulder between friends), so I carry my 'emergency release button' now. Having the opportunity for family and more grounded friends to track me online, to be able to send a satellite text to say 'I'm OK, honest' and if I break something real (rather than carbon which I can fix) I can always hit the 'get me home' button.

Contributed as part of the Biking Buddies Photo Competition.