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Published 2020-09-22

'When you’re obsessed with biking, and love talking with folks who are obsessed as you are, there’s an obvious road to follow – launch a podcast!' (Bruce Maunsell)

These days I spend much of my time either on my bike, talking to people about biking, or involved with a biking business – the Timber Trail Lodge, which I have helped develop over the past six years. In fact, as I write this I’m just sorting my bike-packing gear for an adventure in the South Island.

I can’t remember who it was said something to the effect that a bike is the perfect meeting point of the mind, the body and the world. That sums it up for me.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, often when I’m biking around the quiet gravel backroads of the King Country. I love the way they inform, and share people’s passions.

There are some terrific cycling blogs out there, but I could never find one for Kiwis, by Kiwis. So after a chance encounter with Lee Slater and Sarah Bennett, we agreed to put that right, and the Pedal On Podcast – nicknamed The POP! – was born. Our first episode went live in June.

Our hope is that The POP! will attract a following of people who love having adventures on bikes, that it will support and encourage people to spend more time on their bikes, open up possibilities for riding adventures, and provide a platform for some of the personalities and great stories around biking in Aotearoa.

Fittingly, our first episode featured New Zealand cycling guru Jonathan Kennett, and we’ve released eight more since then. Our latest features Sasha Smith, a MTB racer turned bike-packer and children’s cycle coach.

Jonathan Kennett celebrating with a deserved post-ride feast on the Kiwi brevet (Greg Thurlow)

Over time, we hope to interview a wide range of personalities and hear tales from all sorts of trails including the 22 Great Rides and the connecting trails that are propelling our burgeoning bike-packing scene. Intrepid local and overseas adventures will also form part of the mix.

We’re new to this game and learning as we go, but we’re excited about speaking to more passionate cyclists and sharing their stories. We hope our listeners enjoy the ride!

Discover episodes of The POP! here, or listen to them on your favourite podcast app.

Episode 1 – Jonathan Kennett, Kiwi cycling trailblazer – listen here.
Episode 2 – Marion Boatwright & The Old Ghost Road – listen here.
Episode 3 – Mike Havill – riding Tour Aotearoa, with Parkinsons – listen here.
Episode 4 – Craig Starnes of Brooklyn Trail Builders – listen here.
Episode 5 – Mark Watson - intrepid Kiwi bikepacker – listen here.
Episode 6 – Cam Mcleay - adventurer, by bike and other means – listen here.
Episode 7 – Geoff Gabites - serial Kiwi cycling entrepreneur – listen here.
Episode 8 – Mark Inglis – mountain man – listen here.
Episode 9 – Sasha Smith - MTB racer turned bikepacker and kids bike coach – listen here.

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Words by Bruce Maunsell