Queen Charlotte Drive

OverviewTrail Status: Open

Picton — Havelock and Anakiwa (2-4 hours, 40km)

Queen Charlotte Drive starts from the west side of Picton, next to the Bluebridge Ferry terminal. This is a quiet, scenic road. There are three gentle hills en route to Havelock.

This road ride is the best option for connecting with the Anakiwa end of the Queen Charlotte Track mountain bike ride. The turn-off to Anakiwa lies 20km from Picton along Queen Charlotte Drive.

Acknowledgment: The information for this write up is from Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails by the Kennett Brothers.

Queen Charlotte Drive cycle route

Be Prepared

From Wellington, catch an Interislander or Bluebridge ferry to Picton. The journey across Cook Strait takes 3–4 hours, plus 1-hour check-in time.

Traffic through Picton fluctuates with arriving and departing ferries. To ensure a quieter bike ride, it is recommended that you wait ten minutes for the ferry traffic to disperse before setting off.

Food and accommodation are available at Picton, Momorangi Bay, Linkwater and Havelock.

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