Old Ghost Road Roundabout


From Seddonville, follow Charming Creek Road about 10km to the Charming Creek Walkway. Charming Creek Walkway is well signposted and mostly flat or downhill in this direction. It ends a few hundred metres from the store and hotel at Ngakawau. From the hotel, ride south down Highway 67 for 14 km to Waimangaroa.

From the store at Waimangaroa, ride up Stewart Street. Turn left into Neighbours Street and then right into Denniston Road to begin an 8-km, sealed road climb.

At the T-intersection near the top of the hill, turn right. From the Friends of the Hill building at the top, follow the Mackley Route sign east. Do not take any minor turn-offs.

After 40 minutes riding, and 200 metres after crossing a bridge – continue past the track on your right at grid ref:044 774 and keep heading north north/east. At or about grid ref:050 785, begin a 140m climb up onto the Mt William Range. Having crested the range and now travelling in a southerly direction, take a left turn and follow the main road down to Stevenson Stream and then Mt William Stream. At grid ref. 086 738, turn left and climb, then drop to the Orikaka/Mackley River.

Warning: This is a big river and it is recommended that you take great care. Do not attempt to cross the river if it is fast flowing and brown.

On the far side of the river, there is a 15-minute climb. At the top, miss the first two left turns and then a right turn. Drop down to the pylon where the wires fork. At the pylon, turn left to follow the main gravel road. Ride down the main road that follows the pylons.

At Pensini Road, turn left. After 1km, veer right and continue for 1km to Highway 6 at the Iron Bridge. Turn left and cycle along the highway for 2.5km to the Lyell car park and camping ground.

The New Zealand Cycle Trail signage is present at most key intersections.

Acknowledgment: The information for this write up is mostly from Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails by the Kennett Brothers although varies in places.

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