Meet Lindy Chinnery – Solo Biking Adventurer


Lindy Chinnery in Sedona Arizona

Lindy Chinnery lives in Lawrence and is our most recent winner of two super Kennett Brothers books for completing a getSmart Survey for the Trails.

Lindy is a real adventurer, having recently completed a 1700 km solo biking and camping trip through Canada and the West Coast of the USA.

We asked Lindy to share some of her experiences with The New Zealand Cycle Trail.

Q How long have you been biking?
A I’ve been biking for about 13 years. Still have the same bike.

Q How many of the Great Rides or parts of them have you ridden?
A I’ve ridden the Clutha Gold and Roxburgh Gorge trails many times since I live right near them. Have ridden the Otago Rail trail quite a few times… once in a day, took me just over 9 hours! Was supposed to be doing the Alps to Ocean recently but had to postpone that, and I’ve ridden most of the trails around Queenstown.

Q Have you ridden trails in other countries?
A I just completed the Pacific Coast Route in the USA, Sunshine Coast Route in Canada and San Juan and Anacortes Islands.

Q What has been your best adventure so far?
A The best adventure was the one above…1700kms solo camping and biking.

Q Now that you have two super Kennett books to help you plan – where will you be headed next?
A Definately the Alps to Ocean in the next month, then I would like to do the West Coast Wilderness Trail. Next year I’m planning on riding the Munda Biddi Track in Western Australia… 1000km all off road.


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