Lost your biking Mojo?


Is your biking Mojo missing?

Cycling isn’t just a means for us to get fit, for many it’s a way of life, something we love to do and yes want to be good at. As with any physical activity or team sports however there’s bound to be ups and downs. Times when you can’t wait to get out for long rides on your favourite trail, and times when the excitement dwindles and alternatives beckon.

The good news is it happens to us all, and there are many ways to get excited and find your biking mojo. Life is busy and when our motivation wanes there’s usually good reason for it. Whether you’re moving house, having babies, snowed with work, or recovering from a nasty injury, there’s plenty of distractions which can keep us firmly out of the saddle.

These are the times when it’s okay to just give yourself a little time to feel rested and return when you’re good and ready. The most important thing you can do is be honest with yourself about why you want to ride, why you’re not enjoying your bike, and then set a few realistic goals either simply for pleasure or competitive achievement.

With the onslaught of cold days and shorter evenings it’s easy to feel the winter slumps, but often all it takes is a little re-invention and a plan. If you’re tired of doing the same rides, seize the day and book a trip with friends and adventure together. Whether it’s a weekend day trip, or a multi-day tour, it will be a new challenge that offers satisfaction and social interaction coupled with the rewards of hard effort and physical fitness.

So for those days when the couch and pantry are calling, phone a friend and go for a ride together. If you need greater incentive join a bike club, or even better ride for a cause, because then it’s not just about you. If your bike’s had a tune up and your gear’s ready to roll, just promise yourself a short spin in your favourite spot and who knows you might even find Mo and Jo on a muddy switchback.