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Fancy cycling the greatest rides in the land as a job? That’s exactly what trail designer and cartographer Gary Patterson accomplished over the past six months. Gary rode and mapped our 22 Great Rides to develop the first mobile app for the trails.

The free app downloaded as ‘Great Rides’ from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, is a tool that can work offline to plan and guide you along the trails providing helpful insights about places, services and useful links.

Gary has just launched the app. We asked him to tell us a few things about his huge adventure.

“My adventure kicked off in the deep South, collecting gps, photos and trail features as I pedalled North. Like a cross-country trail, the experience had plenty of ups and downs. I had some wild times with washed out trail, seemingly endless climbs, snowy passes, and blood spilt along the way. Yet the glow of the retreating sunsets, the grandeur of mountain backdrops and taste of trailside café treats picked me up again. It was a massive finale to finish the Rimutaka Cycle Trail on the wild south coast, to switch off the three gps units, and head homeward.

The 3,500km trip chewed through two tyres, and collected several punctures as well as a lifetime of insights, memories, challenges and friendships. In building the app I have tried to squeeze in these experiences and insights; to inspire riders to choose, plan, and to be guided on their journey to enrich their trips along the Great Rides.”

Most of us have a modest Bucket List of rides to tick off. It’s hard to imagine knocking off all 22 at once! You can find the free app downloaded as ‘Great Rides’ from Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store. Happy planning, and of course happy cycling.

Gary Patterson Great Rides APP

Gary Patterson Great Rides APP