West Coast Wilderness Trail Storm Damage

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Storm damage - caution required

TRAIL SAFETY UPDATE: West Coast Wilderness Trail

DATE: 3 February 2018

ISSUE: Flood damage – caution required on the trail


Trail Updates – The trail is open and fine to ride.

Greymouth Aerodrome/Karoro – The major driftwood and debris has now been removed. There are still some rough patches where the sea has eroded away the top surface.

Camerons – Some smaller twigs and branches remain at the tree fall.

Kaniere Water Race – A tree fall has occurred between Wards Road and Hurunui Jacks. A diversion has been created using part of the service track that runs parallel to the trail. Riders should exercise caution when crossing between the trail and the service track as there is an area of very soft ground between them. Dismounting to cross this area is recommended.

Proceed with care at these places.Thanks to all who have assisted with clearing these sections.

There are lots of riders on the trail this weekend. Have a great time and enjoy the beautiful scenery.