Update: Pakihi Track (Motu Trails Loop)

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Dunes Trail — Motu Rd Trail — Pakihi Track — Motu Trails Loop (1-3 days, 11-91km)

Update, 21 December 2018: The Pakihi Track is open with the following cautions:

Just below the suspension bridge (12km from Motu end/8km from Pakihi end) there is a six-metre-wide slip with a temporary section of track. Everyone (cyclists, runners, walkers) must:

1.  Stop, check above the track that there’s no falling rock.
2. Walk across the temporary track one-by-one, cyclists should carry their bike on the river side.

The slip is clearly signed. There are several other places on the lower half of the Pakihi Track where users must walk, regardless of their skill level. For anyone riding the Pakihi, please ensure they know, the track is one to treat with respect. People must ride within their skills. If in doubt at any stage, simply walk a short section.

Please note, the ‘closed’ signs are currently at the track ends: the Pakihi Track is now open.