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Stuck in the mud on the Mountains to Sea

The muddy bogs on the Kaiwhakauka Track of the Mountains to Sea are growing every time it rains. It’s time to fix them, and with the help of BikeTaupo and YOU, we can do it.

Pete Masters (apptly named master track builder) has just been through the track and reports that there are now 81 bogs, and 20 of them are wheel gobblers. But which 20? Are you feeling lucky?

If the weather is wet during your ride through you will curse them. Papa mud sticks to bikes, and can totally stop the wheels turning!

Let’s just fix the bogs!

Pete Masters has worked out a solution. With pipes, geogrid and the hard work of four diggers, he can get rid of those bogs before the end of the month! Awesome! But it will cost around $8000 (mainly for food, accommodation and labour).

Can you donate a dollar a bog to have the 81 bogs fixed so they don’t cause problems for this year’s Tour Aotearoa?  Or could you volunteer a day of your time on the week of the 22nd January?

If we can raise the funds needed, all those bogs will be gone.

Please donate A Buck A Bog to Bike Taupo

Account Name: Bike Taupo Advocacy Group Inc
Bank Account Number: 02-0428-0107984-000
Bike Taupo Website

Thank you and Pedal on!
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