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DATE: 6 April 2017

Please find below a few updates from DOC about the trail status due to the rain:

1. Tree down across Timber Trail at 29km mark. Cyclists can still pass over it. This was from earlier this morning (Thursday April 6th)

2. Due to the current heavy wet weather and resultant flooding there is potential for slips. There is flooding on parts of the Trail, particularly at markers 81-82km. It is advised to talk to your shuttle provider for the most up-to-date conditions on the trail. They will be able to make the final call if the Timber Trail can be ridden on the Southern section.

3. The Timber Trail alert has been placed on DOC website.

4. The Okauaka Forde is under water and it is requested by DOC not to use the forde. The Okauaka Bride for Section 1 of the Timber Trail is still open for use.

5. If you are driving to the Timber Trail this weekend, please drive with care on SH30 through Mangapehi and also around Waimiha Village. There has been flooding with waters rising.

6. If you are planning on riding the Timber Trail this week, please check with your shuttle service or tour guide about the trail conditions. They will be the best to advise you of the situation.

Please ride safely and enjoy this magical trail.