Rock Fall Closure Timber Trail

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Rock Fall Closure Timber Trail


DATE: 29 September 2017

ISSUE: Rock Fall Closure

A substantial rock fall has occurred at the 75km mark on the Timber Trail, immediately south of the Ongarue Spiral.

The Department of Conservation has closed this area of the track until further notice. A team of Geotech engineers will be assessing the ongoing risk of further rock falls. The department will reassess the situation once DOC have received a Geotech report. In the meantime it is advised to stay away from this area for your safety.  We will hope to advise of a re-route option shortly.

Below is a further update as at 5 October regarding the situation with the rock fall on the Timber Trail at the 75km mark:

  • Contractors are being engaged to stabilise the rockface, and clear the 100 m3 of debris and any additional debris on the trail
  • This work is likely to start early next week.  Timeframe for completion is unknown and will depend on how easily it will be to stabilise the rock face.
  • The Department is continuing to explore alternative route options.
  • The rock fall area remains closed for public safety until further notice.

To read more visit the alert on the DOC website – Timber Trail Page.

Any questions please contact DOC’s Natasha Hayward on 027 807 1437