DOC Contractors on the Pakihi Track

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Pakihi Track Upgrades

TRAIL SAFETY UPDATE: Motu Trails (Pakihi Track)

DATE: 27 November – 8 December 2017

ISSUE: DOC Contractors on the Pakihi Track

Please note that between the 27 November and 8 December 2017 DOC Contractors will be carrying out work to the Pakihi Track section of the Motu Trails.

Sections totalling around 100 metres are to be widened, and around 20 metres of safety barriers are also to be put in place.

The targeted track widening work will be followed by a general maintenance run on the Pakihi Track.

The track will not be closed for the duration of the works, however for safety, it will be essential for all trail users to follow instruction on signs and/or from the track team.

To minimise the chance of any delay on your ride, run or walk, if you have a commercial or personal groups using the Pakihi Track during the work period, please contact either:


Jim Robinson (Motu Trails Charitable Trust) or

Kohu Kohiti (DOC)

NB: This notice is only for the work period and only for the Pakihi Track, not for the Dunes Trail, Motu Road or Rere Falls Trail.


It is important to remember that following the work the Pakihi Track will remain a remote back-country trail which must be ridden with safety in mind.  Always pack the right kit, walk any sections of concern, and take your time.