Flooding affecting St James Conservation Area

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St James Cycle Trail


DATE: 11 October 2017


ISSUE: Flooding affecting St James Conservation Area

Recent flooding of the Clarence River has caused major erosion and collaspe of numerous sections of Tophouse Road.

Access is still open via Clarence Valley Road to Tophouse Road (via Jacks Pass).

The public can access and safely ride the Homestead Loop Trail from the St James Homestead.

The huge slip/missing road is only 50m north of the Homestead Loop Trail (at Edwards 4WD Track end).

The Edwards 4WD Track (SJCT)  and Mailings Pass 4WD Track (SJCT) are also closed to the public due to significant washouts and slips (for H & S).

Along the Moki and McArthur Tracks (SJCT) there are about 17 blowouts, where streams cross the track (un-rideable sections).

DOC are hoping to have all these sections of the St James Cycle Trail repaired and opened as soon as possible.