Pakihi Track Remains Closed

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Pakihi Track Closed

TRAIL SAFETY UPDATE: Pakihi Track along the Motu Trails
DATE: 26 November 2016

ISSUE: Pakihi Track remains closed due to a major slip.

Unfortunately, the Pakihi Track will remain closed until a permanent reinstatement of track has been completed. This is due to the level of hazard due to the slip. The track is about 25 metres above the riverbed and, lower down, the drop is almost vertical.

The aim is to undertake a geotech assessment of the slip to confirm whether it is suitable and safe to reinstate a permanent track (or whether in fact the track has to be rerouted). This assessment is planned for early next week. A contractor is on standby with machinery for work 16-21 Dec.

DOC is still aiming to have the works completed prior to the Christmas / New Year’s period however this will be weather dependent.

Te Waiti and/or Whakaumu tracks provide riders with a good alternative and more information can be found here. .