Tour Aotearoa 2019 Start Dates


Tour Aotearoa 2019 start dates

Tour Aotearoa follows a string of Heartland Rides and Great Rides down the length of New Zealand. The 3000 km journey from Cape Reinga to Bluff takes anywhere from 20 to 60 days riding, or you can tackle it in bike sized chunks.

There are recommended starting times, as the first day involves riding down Ninety Mile Beach, which must be 3 hours either side of low tide.

The best times for this tour are also a balance between daylight hours, settled weather and avoiding the peak tourist season when there will be a lot of traffic on some roads, and limited accommodation available. The earliest start gives the longest daylight hours, but also the highest number of tourists, and parts of New Zealand are very busy between Christmas and mid February.

Recommended TA starting times for 2019

9am, Saturday, 16 Feb

10am, Sunday, 17 Feb

Noon, Wednesday, 20 Feb (full moon)

9am, Saturday, 2 March

10am, Sunday, 3 March

If you wanted to start a day earlier, then you’ll also need to start an hour earlier. Or if a day later, start an hour later.

By starting at these times from Cape Reinga, you will reach Ninety Mile Beach about 3 hours before low tide, which gives you 6 hours to ride down the beach to Ahipara (there are a couple of earlier places to stop at Hukutere and Waipapakauri).

When you start planning, it is recommended you communicate with other potential 2019 riders via the Tour Aotearoa Facebook Page. Perhaps you can start on the same day, and ride together for a while, at least to the Kaipara Harbour, where a charter boat is required.

Here are a few links that are worth checking out:

The Tour Aotearoa website for plenty of information and gpx files for your gps:

The Tour Aotearoa Official Guidebooks

The Tracking website, so friends and family can follow you on your adventure:

If you have any questions, the first port of call is the Tour Aotearoa Facebook Page – where you will get fast and reliable advice from riders who’ve already done the Tour.

Get planning and have an incredible ride.