People on Bikes TVNZ 1


People on Bikes TVNZ 1

People on Bikes is a brand new television series for TVNZ designed to excite and inspire more and more New Zealanders to get out of cars and onto bikes for transport, recreation and fun.

In every episode, series host Justin Newcombe explores one of our country’s world class regional scenic cycle trails, discovering the area’s fascinating history, meeting local characters and showcasing some of New Zealand’s most breath taking environments that can only be experienced by bike.

Co-host Carolyn Keep takes a ride in each episode with a special guest from parliamentary ministers to sporting greats and television personalities – these stories are designed to be entertaining and light hearted, filmed against the backdrop of Auckland City’s forward thinking cycle friendly infrastructure where getting around on a bike or is easy, fun and safe.

They’ll also be bringing you the latest in bike design, invention and efficiency all moving towards making your ride more effortless, affordable and renewable.

The series brings heart-warming and very personal stories of everyday people who’s lives have been transformed by opting to change their primary way getting around to bikes, meeting communities on the move and innovative cities transforming the way we think, feel and connect with bikes.

People on Bikes airs Sundays 4pm from 5th August 2018, and you can find more information on their Facebook Page.