Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail – Winter Season Safety Update


Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail - Winter Season Safety Update

TRAIL STATUS UPDATE – Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

DATE NOTIFIED – 12-06-2018

SECTION – All Sections – Winter Season Update

Section 1: Logging in process along Hayman Road riders are advised to keep far left, ride in single file and wear high visibility clothing.

Section 2: Logging in Process along Hayman Road Riders are advised to keep far left, ride single file and wear high visibility clothing.

Sections of the Pukaki Flats are subject to freezing in winter. Do not ride when ground is thawing, mud becomes sticky.

Section 3: When the Ohau Weir is in flood there is NO WAY to cross it. Please contact Alps 2 Ocean booking agents for transport options.

Section 4: Bring high energy food with you for this section. Please allow plenty of time for this section. Sections of the Tarnbrae Track are subject to freezing in the winter. Do not ride when the ground is thawing as mud becomes sticky.

Section 5: Parts of the trail are on State Highway 83. Please ride single file, keep far left and wear high visibility clothing. Watch for any ice formed on the road and ride with care.

Section 6: Please be careful when turning right into the new section of trail off SH83. Make sure there is no traffic behind you, or pull over to the shoulder of the road before crossing the highway.

Section 7: The trail between Kurow and Duntroon crosses 3 rivers (Kurow Creek, Otiake River and Otekaieke River). These sections can flood during significant rainfall and snow melt. If the rivers are in flood you are best you are best to ride on the road from Kurow to Duntroon. If you are on the trail and do not feel safe cross the rivers there are flood routes up on highway bridges. Flood routes may involve walking your bike or crossing fences using stiles. Alternatively retrace your steps until you can access the highway.

Sections of the Waitaki haul road are shared with recreational vehicles and cyclists. Please ride or drive with consideration.

The Waitaki River is swift flowing and not generally suitable for swimming.

Several ponds along the trail are fenced off. Please be aware of electric fences along the route.

Section 8: Take care of agricultural vehicles using the roads. Please stay on formed track through private property (strictly no dogs). There are numerous electric fences. Please keep left in single file, especially on blind corners.

Alternative Route: There can sometimes be strong wind gusts along the Tekapo Canal Road. There may be some service vehicles operating. Please keep left and ride single file. The road may be closed for operational and public safety purposes.

Weather: Please be mindful of weather conditions and check reports before you cycle. Please carry wet weather clothing as well as high visibility clothing. Tell someone where you are biking and when you are expected to return.